“Great Taste Around Your Waist” 

It all started with a tie! Like my older brother Tom, I worked in a clothing store while in college. I loved nice clothes, especially loved nice ties and how they could set off any outfit, dressy or casual. The tie made the man. Through the course of my business career I collected a lot of ties. Expensive silk ties, casual cotton ties, ties for special occasions. In the 80’s, “casual Friday” became popular, leading to the evolution of “business casual”. Wearing ties daily became  a thing of the past.

What to do with my lonely tie collection?  Could we create belts from my ties? We gave it a try! Our first batch of belts were a hit with friends and family. We then took pairs of pants and made belts; then my wife’s plaid taffeta wedding dress made a set of belts and pocket squares for our son’s wedding party, expanding to custom patterned set for a close friend’s daughter’s destination beach wedding! People noticed the beautiful patterns and bright colors, asking where they could buy one! DELTABELT was born! 

Now after many months of preparation and production we are offering our first collection of brightly colored floral and graphic woven printed belts from sizes XS-XL along with companion pocket squares. We also have a “Collegiate Collection” showcasing the school colors of major colleges in the south. In the coming months, new patterns and designs will be added We can also do custom projects for any special occasion such as weddings, corporate outings, sporting events and on and on.

Every belt tells a story and says something about the person wearing it. We hope that you will join us on this journey and share with us your ideas, we would love to work with anyone who wants to have ........... “Great Taste Around Your Waist”. 

Thank You from Team DeltaBelt! 

Susie & Rob